Spanish Immersion

The Juntos immersion program encourages scholars to be globally minded with the goal of developing proficiency in a second language during their elementary years.

At Alice Smith Elementary, you can give your child the earliest start possible on mastering a second language. Scholars can begin their Spanish immersion education in preschool, then continue their path into immersion kindergarten and beyond in the same building!

Learning a second language is a great way to immerse your child in culture and will open many doors for them as they continue their education and eventually find their careers in adulthood.

For questions about Juntos Spanish immersion programming at Alice Smith Elementary, contact Eduardo Navidad at 952-988-4201 or

For questions about enrollment, contact Carolina Lloyd at 
952-988-4110 or

Two Alice Smith Elementary kindergarteners pose for a picture in the hallway.

Program Goals

Academic Achievement

  • Immersion scholars will learn the same content standards as other scholars in the district. 
  • Scholars will perform as well or better than their non-immersion peers in all academic areas.
  • Scholars will enjoy the many cognitive benefits of becoming bi- and trilingual or more.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

  • Scholars deeply understand their own cultural background, and respect and appreciate the cultural backgrounds of others. 
  • Scholars develop an understanding of and an appreciation for Spanish-speaking cultures in our community and around the world.
  • Scholars develop cross-cultural communication skills that are essential in today’s world.
A teacher in a face mask and shield mixes play-doh for a student.

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